Life is full of things that can cause stress, anxiety, and depression. From broken relationships, to the pressures of work or school, to painful experiences in one's past...the list can go on and on.  The goal is to figure out how to face these things and move forward.

Everyone feels stressed, or anxious, or sad some of the time.  Some feel this way most of the time, or have felt this way for a long time.  It can impact their ability to sleep, interact with others, or engage in the things they enjoy.  If you feel that your stress, anxiety, or depression is impacting your life in this way, you CAN change this.  Maren uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help individuals, including children, learn about the connection between his or her thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and teaches them new coping skills.  The overarching goal is to increase the individual's happiness.   

Important note: Stress, anxiety, and depression frequently present differently in children and teens than they do in adults.  If your child or teenager is frequently irritable, struggling to sleep or concentrate, cries often, has had a significant change in grades or overall performance, or is withdrawing from others, he or she may be struggling with anxiety or depression.  Maren has extensive experience working with children and teens who are stressed, anxious, and/or depressed.  

If you would like help in reducing your stress, anxiety, and/or depression, and increasing your happiness, please consider connecting with Maren. 

Photograph by Sarah Joy