Parenting can be the most rewarding job in the world. It can also be pretty exhausting.  

As all parents quickly realize after the birth or placement of their child, there is no handbook on how to be the best parents.  Sometimes parents need a bit of simple direction on how to handle the difficulties of raising little humans.  Sometimes they need to be told they are not crazy for wanting to run out the front door when their child demands to watch Frozen for the hundred-thousandth time.  Sometimes they need to know the best strategies for how to tackle things like potty training, sleep struggles, or behavioral issues.  Maybe they need help developing routines or behavior plans that are do-able and actually work.  Maren is a mother of two kiddos and has provided education and counseling to countless parents at all stages of the parenting process.

If you are a parent and need a little help, please consider connecting with maren. 

Photograph by Jeff Golden