Adoption can be beautiful, joy-giving, and fulfilling.  It can also be messy, painful, and challenging. 

At Trestles Counseling we understand that with every adoption there are challenges that are unique to each family.  For some families, the challenges may be related to the child's experiences prior to placement.  Some may struggle with attachment.  For some adoptive parents the challenges may be related to their struggles with infertility prior to placement, and others may struggle to be on the same page as their partner.  Some adoptees face challenges related to navigating issues of identity, or wrestle with the loss of their birth families.  Regardless of the challenges you are facing, we are able to help you confront and work through them.  

Maren is an adoptive mom who has held many roles in the field of adoption throughout her career. She has served as an Adoption Social Worker with a private adoption agency.  In that role she supported birthparents and adoptive parents during the adoption process.  Later she held the position of Regional Manager of Post-Adoption Services in Boston and counseled families when challenges were beginning to surface.  She has also provided individual, marriage, and family therapy to adoptees, their parents, and siblings.  She believes that her experience working on all sides of the adoption experience and being an adoptive parent herself gives her a unique understanding of adoption and adoptive families.

If you are an adoptee, adoptive parent, and/or birthparent, and feel that you need someone to talk with, PLEASE CONSIDER CONNECTING WITH MAREN.

Photograph by Elena Schevardo